Mr. G S SoundaraRajan, based out of Chennai, has been focusing on an interesting and a highly productive cleantech topic – heat pumps.
Heat pumps have the potential to provide hot water generation/comfort cooling by using a number of renewable energy sources – geothermal, passive solar, etc which is available for “free” in Air, water, and Earth. Since the energy source is free, the only energy needed is for the compressor and motor to run, which only amounts to around 30% energy compared to Electric Heating. Thus, heat pumps can be thought of as a sustainable heating/cooling solution.

Many of the heat pump systems have excellent payback periods and hence are economically attractive to the industrial and commercial sectors. Apart from this, Heat pumps are also eligible for depreciation benefit of 80%.

But surprisingly, heat pumps have not picked up in India in a big way. To understand why, and to know more about his work, Cleantech Club has put together a detailed interaction with Mr. G S SoundaraRajan. Here we go.

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CTC: To begin with, can you briefly let us know your background?         

Mr. GSS: As a Marketing Person.  I started my career as a Medical Representative of a reputed Multinational company and grew in my career in the same organization. Whatever I have learned in Marketing & Sales, the full credit goes to my first Employer, Organon. Organon is known for its research, training and concept selling ability. They spend quite a lot of time in training employees. I was one of the beneficiaries of their training.

After serving Organon for 24 years, I started my own venture as Out Source Marketing Consultant.  In that role, I served many Professional Multinational companies as a consultant which were very challenging. We had to compete with the companies’ direct sales force and we did prove that our sales force was equally effective. Marketing consultant role further strengthened my ability in Professional selling.

CTC: Do tell us what motivated you to get started on Heat Pumps?

MultibenSolar Hybrid

  Mr.GSS at Century Enka during installation of                 MULTIBEN HT(High Temperature)

Mr. GSS: During my stint as Marketing Consultant, I was hired by a Hyderabad-based company which was manufacturing and installing Heat Pumps. Surprised as to why the Heat Pump technology had not picked up in India in spite of so many advantages, we found that it was the sheer lack of awareness and difficulty in trying out new technology on the part of clients. Then with more website promotion and direct selling, the product sales started picking up.

Unfortunately, the time came when the company decided to close their operations in India. Then we decided to start our own company under the name “Alldelite Heat Pumps Limited” as we did not want to miss the opportunity available in abundance for this technology in India. 

CTC: But what keeps you having a continuing interest in this field?

Mr. GSS: With more and more installations, the immense satisfaction we feel as to contributing something more unique and sustainable technology with reduced energy consumption, pollution, etc keeps us motivated and on track to continue the work we do. 

CTC: What are the various types of solutions your company Alldelite Heat pumps provide?

Mr. GSS: Solar energy is available in plenty in our country. While we can tap the active solar energy from Sunlight with Solar thermal products and Solar PV products, we can also tap the passive solar energy that is available for free in Ambient Air, Earth, and Water. Heat pumps offer the solution to tap the passive energy from these resources which is available in abundance. We have Air Source Heat Pumps, Water Source Heat Pumps, and Ground Source Heat Pumps.

We have also entered into an agreement with an American company which produces a catalyst which reduces energy consumption by 20% by improving the performance of Refrigerants. This would further reduce the energy cost.

CTC: How has it changed the existing scenario of the Cleantech industry?MultibenAHp 1000 2 units at Bhimas Residency (2)

Mr. GSS: The existing scenario is that new projects are directly going in for Heat Pumps. But in many older establishments, they still depend on Hot water generation by fossil fuel or by electric heating. As we are aware, Fossil Fuel has the inherent disadvantage of pollution. In addition, the operating cost is very high compared to Heat Pumps. The operating cost of Electric heating is even higher.

On an average, we could reduce the energy cost by 50% to 70% in all our installations, which is very significant. The energy is cleaner because the basic energy source is heat extracted from air, water or the ground, which is available for free. The cost of energy that is used is only for the few components like compressor, motor, and fan which is very less compared to the total energy.

We can use Heat Pumps for Comfort cooling also. Normally comfort cooling consumes the maximum energy, to the tune of 70% of energy, used in any big buildings. We have solutions to cut down energy cost significantly in any new building.

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CTC: How does heat pump fare in hot water heating/comfort cooling when compared with solar thermal technologies?
Mr. GSS: As far as the operational cost is concerned, both consume 30% of the energy compared to electric heating. I’ll tell you how. Though Solar thermal energy is available for free when it shines, we do need to use electricity to heat water (which is about 30% of the occasions annually on an average). Heat Pumps utilize the same 30% energy and are more reliable, available 24*7 irrespective of weather condition. Another advantage with the heat pump is, it occupies lesser space. 

Multiben AHp 1000 two units in Bhimas Residency

The disadvantage with Heat Pump is that it requires electricity for working. So, unless you have backup generators, you can’t use heat pumps during power cuts. Thus, Heat Pumps are more acceptable and more useful in Industries, Hotels and other commercial establishments where back up power generation is always available. This point is very relevant for our country where we are still power starving.

Solar Thermal is much used in residential sectors where hot water is available freely irrespective of power availability, but of course only on sunny days. The point we need to remember is that both heat pumps and solar thermal technology use solar energy; the only difference is that solar thermal use active solar energy when the sun shines and Heat pumps use passive solar energy which is available free in Air, Water & Earth. 
And, when it comes to comfort cooling, Heat Pumps can be used whereas Solar thermal doesn’t have the provision. Yes, we can use Solar power generation for comfort cooling, but then that is different from Solar Thermal. 
CTC: Who would benefit the most from your solutions?
Mr. GSS: The Hospitality and the Healthcare Industry would benefit as they need hot water generation for sanitary purposes. Any other industry, which needs hot water or hot liquids, can also use Heat Pumps and we can make custom-made heat pumps as per the requirement of the specific industry.
CTC: What do you feel is the potential for business for your solution?
Mr. GSS: In my rough estimate, the total potential is more than Rs. 10000 Crores in India. It is only a rough and modest estimation. If we market the products extensively and properly the potential can be a manifold.
CTC: Over the years, did you also go through any specific courses or training programs to hone your skills further?

Mr. GSS: Yes, I underwent a course on HVAC Geo Thermal Heat Pumps during my time as a Marketing consultant, which I found very useful.

MULTIBEN Solar Hybrid

CTC: Any memorable experiences over the years?

Mr. GSS: In the beginning, about 10 years back, selling the concept and technology of Heat Pumps to the clients itself was a big experience and challenge. They could not believe Heat Pumps had so many benefits. They were suspicious of our claim that you give 1 kW input to get 4 kW output.  They would just say it was impossible. They did not agree on the efficiency possible, longevity and energy saving. Initially, we faced some heat but once some customers got the Heat Pumps installed, were they able to observe the benefits and that started spreading and brought in new customers. Overcoming these initial struggles over the years is something which I will cherish throughout.

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CTC: I’m sure there are many who would like to get started in this field. What should be their first steps or how to do they start off?

Mr. GSS: If anyone wants to enter this field, he/she has to have the passion for saving the earth from environmental hazards and the motivation to save energy. If that’s there, we can certainly help them by training, mentoring or imparting knowledge to start the business. We need more energetic, young entrepreneurs to spread the awareness and to install Heat Pumps in the industrial and residential sectors.

CTC: What are your future plans and aspirations?

Mr. GSS: Apart from installing MULTIBEN in more and more establishments for hot water generation, we would like to enter into other possible venues like comfort cooling, Air heating/drying with this technology. We have entered into an agreement with a Mumbai-based organization GIBSS that has expertise in comfort cooling by Geo-Thermal energy sources.

We would also be starting a Non-profit organization named “Little Steps” to promote and execute many earth-friendly activities. Registration of the organization and other admin works are going on. Very soon we shall start working for the same, involving citizens to take Little Steps to saving the planet. Many plans are on the pipeline and one by one, little by little we shall progress.

CTC: Finally, what is the ultimate success according to you?

Mr. GSS: Eliminating fossil fuel usage in our area of activity and exporting Heat Pumps from India would be the ultimate success for me. The Government of India also is encouraging it with its ‘Make in India’ policy. Hope we will contribute with the bigger vision of making India as World’s manufacturing hub. 

We provide a concise elevator pitch of Alldelite Heat Pumps Limited below

Alldelite Heat Pumps Limited

Reduce the cost of hot water generation

What is Alldelite Heat Pumps?

Turnkey technology solution provider related to Hot Water Generation or Comfort Cooling.

Who is Alldelite Heat Pumps for?

Hotels/Hospitals/Hostels/Industries whoever need to save energy for Hot Water and Comfort cooling.

What problems does Alldelite solve?

Alldelite helps to reduce the operating/recurring cost of Hot water generation and contributes to CO2 reduction.

How are Alldelite’s products unique?

It is quite unique in India to use of heat pumps to Save Money and Environment in Hot Water Generation and for comfort air conditioning.

What are the key features of your company?

Alldelite Heat Pumps Limited works for reducing the energy and cost of Hot Water Generation with its range of Multiben Heat Pumps:

1) MULTIBEN AHp for 55˚C,

2) MULTIBEN HT for 75˚C,

3) MULTIBEN SP for Swimming Pool Heating

4) MULTIBEN AD for Air Dryer.

Any new building project to have Comfort cooling with Ground Source Heat Pump Technology can have our services. Turn-key solutions for all water related requirements right from Hot Water Generation with Heat Pump Technology to STP, RO, Plumbing all at one stop.

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